Alistair Hill and Emma Wilkinson



We were all delighted this weekend when hotel guest Alistair Hill choose a romantic break at the Arundell Arms to propose to Emma Wilkinson. Alistair had spent months preparing for the moment and had booked Emma and himself on the Liberty Trails Cattle Drive on Dartmoor. Emma had no idea where she was going for the weekend or what she would be doing but Alistair knew that she would love the 3 days on horseback, driving cattle, cowboy style. For keen equestrian Emma this was a dream come true. After 2 excellent days in the saddle amongst the open spaces of the moor, Alistair asked the big question on Sunday evening. Hoping that she would say yes, he had secretly arranged forher family to come to the hotel on Monday to start celebrating. Thankfully she did and having helped him by smuggling the family so they were not seen, the celebrations could begin.

What a great beginning to a new life -Well done Alistair!

Engagement at the Arundell Arms Engagement at the Arundell Arms